Privacy Policy

  1. Confidential Information pertaining to payment such as card number, PIN, Password etc is secured by RazorPay using its payment gateway systems and is not accessible to Trans World Radio – India. Transactional data consisting of the required transactional details such as Transaction ID, Payment ID, Date of Payment, Mode of Payment etc is made available to Trans World Radio – India in compliance with the legal requirements of the relevant sections of Indian Law and Legislature.
  2. The personalized information obtained from people interested in the Bible Quiz will be secured and kept confidential with Trans World Radio – India.
  3. Trans World Radio – India maintains the right to use these details to get in touch with participants and interested enquiries concerning the Bible Quiz program organized by Trans World Radio – India and also notify people of events within Trans World Radio – India. Required consent for the same will be sought by Trans World Radio – India, wherever applicable, from the participants/enquirers.
  4. Information pertaining to login credential is individually assigned to each participant and is not shared with anyone. However, in order to ensure ease of access in the case that a participant loses their credentials, specified Trans World Radio – India staff will be able to access the same on restricted channels to assist a participant in access recovery.
  5. In addition, Trans World Radio – India also reserves the right to record and store personal information shared by the responders/participants on its systems for the purpose stated above.
  6. Data deemed to be intrusive in nature but still required for the purpose of the event are sought as optional data only such as DOB, Gender, address etc.
  7. Details concerning the RazorPay payment Portal can be found using the links shown below:
    Terms and Conditions of RazorPay –
    Privacy Policy of RazorPay –